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(MP3, 68 minutes)

Manton and Daniel check in just before WWDC to talk about expectations from the conference, and strategies for saving money on the trip. They indulge in a bit more Siri criticism, hope that Apple will announce new MacBook Pros, and question whether Apple will dare to poke fun at Google’s Duplex technology during the keynote.

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Daniel and Manton talk about Twitter’s latest API updates and the impact on 3rd party developers. They follow-up on Ghost’s lack of an API, and Samuel Goodwin’s offer to build one for them. Daniel shares news of MarsEdit 4.1’s support for direct drags from Photos.app and why that is such a hassle. Finally, they talk about the newly formed Developer’s Union for organizing Apple developers around common causes.

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Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


Manton and Daniel talk about the upcoming GDPR regulations from the EU and what the implications may be for indie software companies. They react to the Pocket Casts acquisition by NPR and partners, assess the financial incentives that may be involved, and appreciate how it contrasts with Marco Arment’s open prioritization of privacy and openness with Overcast. Finally, they talk about Ghost’s 5 year review, evaluate their success, and maybe gripe a teensy bit about their lack of an API.

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Daniel and Manton talk about Google’s recently announced Duplex AI for telephone conversations, and Microsoft’s announcement that it will share a larger percentage of revenues with its app store developers. They consider the merits of each announcement and whether they might spark a competitive response in Apple. Daniel talks about how a small bug request turned into a major overhaul of image handling in MarsEdit, and how the investment may pay off if he ever ports to iOS.

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Manton and Daniel catch up after Manton’s speaking experience at Peers Conference. They talk about preparation techniques for public speaking, and how to adapt your talk to the audience at hand. Next they discuss the latest rumors about Apple’s forthcoming declarative UI framework, and ponder how Apple would put such a framework through its paces internally without revealing it in shipping apps. They talk about whether Apple’s leadership can be trusted to drive the company to the next major frameworks transition, and finally they react to Apple’s latest eye-popping earnings report.

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The world's greatest leaders have these traits in common

Apple is well on its way to becoming the world's first trillion-dollar company.

The tech behemoth's continued success serves as a lasting testament to late co-founder Steve Jobs' business savvy and innovation. And like many other visionaries, including Albert Einstein and UGG Australia Tawnie Espadrille Wedges Free Shipping For Sale Discount Get To Buy Free Shipping From China vh1qV42GJ
, the tech titan Lanvin Patent Leather Wedge Ankle Boots Clearance Big Sale Shop Offer Cheap Official Sale From China 2018 Unisex lg3hW93bT
to his intuition.

"Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion," Jobs told writer Walter Isaacson in his Stuart Weitzman Canvas Slide Sandals Visit New Online Footlocker Finishline Online Cheap Footlocker Finishline Very Cheap Sale Online EzOVE8XwW
. "That's had a big impact on my work."

Intuition is generally referred to as an instinctive gut feeling and intuitiveness is viewed by many as a necessary business trait. However, few people are actually able to harness it, says Sue Hawkes, author of " INLOVE Heeled mules noir Largest Supplier Cheap Online Newest Cheap Online Clearance Very Cheap Eastbay Online Free Shipping Low Shipping KEfr4oTE0U

"Intuition gets a bad rap, often dismissed as New Age mumbo jumbo that has no place in our rational world," she writes in her book, adding that logical people have the hardest time listening to their intuitive voices because they feel the need to validate everything.

For those who are not yet in the habit of trusting their gut feeling or are unsure whether they can rely on it, Hawkes says that you can learn to connect to your intuitive abilities by listening to your inner voice. The key to doing so, she says, is to simply create a "quiet space."

Bob Riha Jr | Getty Images

These quiet spaces can run the gamut from a silent retreat, to a meditative yoga class to simply standing in the shower. The main point is that you're isolated and refrain from "being busy," says Hawkes, because busyness blocks you from accessing their intuition.

"When we're doing too much, we lose touch with out internal alignment and what our inner wisdom is trying to tell us," she writes. "Your intuitive voice isn't going to shout to get your attention; it's going to whisper."

Hawkes admits that it can be difficult to find this place of solace because most people are over-scheduled, bogged down by to-do lists and plugged into devices.

But if you take the time to create this quiet space, she says, you're more likely to to unlock your creativity, discover your next business solution, find a sense of clarity and become centered.

"When you're truly aligned—mind, body, spirit, intellect—you're open and receptive to bigger things," writes Hawkes. "That's when you take a risk, take the plunge, dare to do something you'd never thought you would or could."

She adds, "This is when innovation happens."

Apple is proof of this. The tech giant has been one of the Quality Original Oscar de la Renta Leather KneeHigh Boots Buy Cheap Best Many Kinds Of Sneakernews Cheap Online s2tf1u
and in particular its launch of the first iPhone in 2007 stands out. At the time, competing smartphones like Blackberry were using QWERTY keyboards and styluses.

The iPhone's ground-breaking design featuring a multi-touch screen completely revamped the style of smartphones as we know it and propelled Apple as a leader in mobile technology.

Though Jobs was spearheading the multinational organization, he still managed to create his own quiet space by Jimmy Choo Patent RoundToe Pumps Comfortable Cheap Price fw5kxQg

"That's when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more," the late CEO is quoted as saying in his biography. "Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before."

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Cauli, Omar; González-Usano, Alba; Cabrera-Pastor, Andrea; Gimenez-Garzó, Carla; López-Larrubia, Pilar; Ruiz-Sauri, Amparo; Hernández-Rabaza, Vicente; Duszczyk, Malgorzata; Malek, Michal; Lazarewicz, Jerzy W; Carratalá, Arturo; Urios, Amparo; Miguel, Alfonso; Torregrosa, Isidro; Carda, Carmen; Montoliu, Carmina; Felipo, Vicente

Treatment of patients with acute liver failure (ALF) is unsatisfactory and mortality remains unacceptably high. Blocking NMDA receptors delays or prevents death of rats with ALF. The underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Clarifying these mechanisms will help to design more efficient treatments to increase patient's survival. The aim of this work was to shed light on the mechanisms by which blocking NMDA receptors delays rat 's death in ALF. ALF was induced by galactosamine injection. NMDA receptors were blocked by continuous MK-801 administration. Edema and cerebral blood flow were assessed by magnetic resonance. The time course of ammonia levels in brain, muscle, blood, and urine; of glutamine, lactate, and water content in brain; of glomerular filtration rate and kidney damage; and of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) and intracranial pressure was assessed. ALF reduces kidney glomerular filtration rate (GFR) as reflected by reduced inulin clearance. GFR reduction is due to both reduced renal perfusion and kidney tubular damage as reflected by increased Kim-1 in urine and histological analysis. Blocking NMDA receptors delays kidney damage, allowing transient increased GFR and ammonia elimination which delays hyperammonemia and associated changes in brain. Blocking NMDA receptors does not prevent cerebral edema or blood-brain barrier permeability but reduces or prevents changes in cerebral blood flow and brain lactate. The data show that dual protective effects of MK-801 in kidney and brain delay cerebral alterations, HE, intracranial pressure increase and death. NMDA receptors antagonists may increase survival of patients with ALF by providing additional time for liver transplantation or regeneration .

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Mahmoud, Y I; Mahmoud, A A; Nassar, G

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is a well-tolerated analgesic and antipyretic drug when used at therapeutic doses. Overdoses, however, cause oxidative stress, which leads to acute liver failure. Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that has proven effective for ameliorating many pathological conditions caused by oxidative stress. We evaluated the effect of alpha lipoic acid on the histological and histochemical alterations of liver caused by an acute overdose of acetaminophen in rats . Livers of acetaminophen-intoxicated rats were congested and showed centrilobular necrosis, vacuolar degeneration and inflammatory cell infiltration. Necrotic hepatocytes lost most of their carbohydrates, lipids and structural proteins. Liver sections from rats pre-treated with lipoic acid showed fewer pathological changes; the hepatocytes appeared moderately vacuolated with moderate staining of carbohydrates and proteins. Nevertheless, alpha lipoic acid at the dose we used did not protect the liver fully from acetaminophen-induced acute toxicity.

The following example demonstrates the generated output of each ObjectInitializationMode enum value.



Indicates the output priority order for the type. Defaults to zero, so any type with positive priority is output in JavaScript code before types with no [Priority] attribute, and negative ones are output after the default priority types.


Set a Method to be automatically called when all the JavaScript has been loaded and the Page is ready. If jQuery has been included in the Page, the jQuery ready handler is called, otherwise DOMContentLoaded is used.

Applies to: Method


By default, reflection is enabled on all classes, but a separate [app].meta.js file is created and must be included in your html page after the [app].js file.

[app].meta.js [app].js

Reflection can be disabled for the whole project by configuring the reflection setting in your bridge.json file.

Once reflection has been disabled in a Project, you can re-enable reflection on specific Classes by adding the [Reflectable] attribute. Once marked with [Reflectable] , Bridge will output addition metadata into the JavaScript to enable reflection.

The [Reflectable] attribute can be applied to a member to indicate that metadata for the member should (or should not) be included in the compiled script.

The default reflectability can be changed with the [DefaultMemberReflectability] attribute.

Setting [Reflectable(Inherits = true)] on a class instructs the Bridge compiler to include metadata for the class as well as all child classes ( more info ).

Reflection metadata can also be generated from one Assembly for another external Assembly by including a filter string. The following sample demonstrates:

The filter string for [assembly: Reflectable(string filter] also support wildcard characters such as * and ? .

The full name of a type will be matched with filter string. Multiple conditions can be defined by ; as a separator.

If ! is set for a condition then it means not . For example, "System.*;!System.CompilerService.*" instructs the Bridge compiler to render metadata for all types from the System namespace except for types from System.CompilerService.* namespaces.

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