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History of Electroacoustic Music

The Cologne Studio: elektronische Musik

Meyer-Eppler gave a series of lectures and demonstrations of the vocoder. He was soon joined by Robert Beyer, an engineer from the Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk (NWDR) in Cologne, in his efforts to advance electronic music. They gave a lecture in 1950 at Darmstadt called "The Sound World of Electronic Music." Among those in the audience was Herbert Eimert (1897-1972) , a music critic, composer, and broadcast editor at NWDR. Eimert was a leading theoretician and composer in dodecaphonic music , having written one of the first books on twelve-tone music in the 1920s, The Fundamentals of Modern Series Technique.

Later that same year, Harald Bode (1909-1987), a designer of electronic keyboards, brought an invention he called Melochord to Meyer-Eppler. This instrument spanned five octaves, and was touch-sensitive , meaning that it responded to pressure applied to its keys. The Melochord was also the first instrument to feature a split keyboard , whereby the bottom two octaves could be sent to one tone generator, and the top three sent to another. The instrument also featured envelope generators that could set the amplitude shape of a note. Filters also could be set to establish Christian Louboutin Mary Jane Platform Pumps Latest Sale Online Discount Wholesale New Fashion Style Of fjll4pISs
at different pitch areas, just as had the Isabel Marant Embossed SquareToe Boots Sale Extremely ooxOF
. Meyer-Eppler and Bode used it to create further examples of electronic music. In July 1951 Meyer-Eppler gave a lecture at Darmstadt titled "The Possibilities of Electronic Sound Production." Beyer gave a paper titled "Music and Technology," and Eimert moderated a panel discussion themed "Music on the Borderline," at which a heated confrontation erupted with Pierre Schaeffer , when lines were drawn defining the philosophical differences between the two camps.

In October 1951, WDR agreed to create a music studio in which compositions were realized on magnetic tape using electronics, and appointed Eimert as its artistic director. There was a distinct and stated contrast with the philosophy of Schaeffer's studio in Paris, which focused on the use of microphone-recorded sounds. Eimert's goal was to employ the newly-christened elektronische Musik to realize SANTIAM WRAP Walking sandals ancient fossil/mirage Discount With Paypal puDxa8eD
. Electronic components allowed the ultimate degree of control over musical features. Recorded sounds, or any sounds that imitated acoustic instruments, were contrary to the tenets of this studio. With electronic sound generation, elements such as the number of harmonics of a tone or its attack time could be precisely controlled as elements of a Oscar de la Renta Metallic Leather Sandals Discount Pictures Discount Online Cheap Sale Authentic Clearance Clearance c1Zoy
. Therefore, serial music, considered by the much of the musical community to be the only meaningful compositional technique, could be explored from first principles, wherein precise control of frequency, rhythm, duration, and timbre were possible. The music would also be free of any associative qualities that would remind listeners of acoustic instruments or recordings of concrète sounds.

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Charlton Football Club.
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> Charlton Football Club

Charlton FC Results v Donald 20/6/15.

The CFC made it two wins from our four games yesterday with the Seniors and Under 16’s able to both secure vital wins. The Seniors started well against the Royal Blues with Luke Kyriakides finding plenty of the ball early in his first game in over a month. Zane Sullivan provided plenty of pressure around the contests, aided well by Mark Vigus while Tylan Humm was creative on the wing in the first half of the game as was Sam O’Connor on the other wing. Donald lifted their intensity late in the second term and were starting to find targets up forward with some classy field kicking. The third term saw Donald reduce the margin further as they held the ascendency over the Navy Blues. At the final break the Navy Blues held a slender three point lead.

Some astute coaching moves at the final break such as moving Rhys Thompson into the middle made all the difference. ‘Rambo’ was able to gather the first two clearances and drive the ball long into the Charlton attack, resulting in a couple of quick goals to put a buffer between ourselves and Donald. The Charlton side lifted again, led by Aaron Walklate and Vigus. Matt Winsall, Dean McKay, Shane Rogan and Danny Wright continued to repel any Donald attack as they had done all day to ensure Charlton remains right in the mix with a fighting 21 point victory.


Charlton 12.6.78 d Donald 8.9.57

Goals Joe McGrath 2, Luke Kyriakides 2, James McGrath 2, Mark Vigus 2, Aaron Walklate 1, Daniel Thiesz 1, Zane Sullivan 1, Danny Wright 1.

AWARDS- Ross Lane Automotive- Aaron Walklate

East Charlton Hotel- Matt Winsall

Cricket Club Hotel- Rhys Thompson

Tasco Petroleum- Ben Walklate

GMG Financial Group- Shane Rogan

INCENTIVES- Matt Winsall, Shane Rogan, Zane Sullivan, Mick Laffin.


Charlton 6.6.42 lost to Donald 15.4.94

Goals. Wayne Sarre 2, Luke Byrne 1, Ryan Moloney 1, Joshua Sullivan 1, Nathan King 1.

AWARDS- Cricket Club Hotel- Kris Clifford

Walsh Motors- Corey Fanning

East Charlton Hotel- Joshua Sullivan

INCENTIVES- Anthony Tatchell, Lachlan Holmes-Brown.


A good win on Saturday sees the boys a game clear in fourth spot on the ladder with the opportunity to progress further.

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Teacher and staff evaluations are a necessary part of school administration, but, for many, they can be time-consuming, cumbersome and inconsistent. Standard For Success has completely transformed the teacher evaluation process so it is efficient, manageable and coordinated.

Standard For Success gives administrators and teachers a web-based tool that is easy to use, collaborative and customizable to each school’s particular needs.

Because former educators familiar with the evaluation process developed Standard For Success, every aspect of the tool is intentionally designed to make evaluations easier and smarter—for both administrators and teachers alike. LEARN MORE

Standard For Success provides a single portal to record, document and gather observations throughout the evaluation process.

Everything—notes, photos and videos—can be accessed in real-time. Not only does this make for a more efficient system, it also allows for meaningful, transparent feedback that can be acted upon immediately, ultimately providing a continuous process of improvement. Outlet Store Cheap Online Online For Sale See by Chloé Denim Slingback Wedges OR0eMGrWOW

SFS’ acquisition of STAGES presents a unique opportunity to synchronize and customize evaluation processes for more than 1,975 schools throughout the United States and Canada and to help those organizations create a culture of continuous learning for educators as well as students.

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Ability to evaluate teacher, principal, superintendent, etc. all in one system
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Summaries and comparisons
Uploading of artifacts and supporting evidence
Automatic timestamps during scripting
Drill-down capabilities for specific data
Performance analytics and reporting
Year-to-year data comparison
Mobile app for building walk-throughs

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Observations can be saved until they are completed and ready for publishing.


Artifacts and evidence can be easily uploaded right in the tool.

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The integrated scripting feature allows you to go back and identify evidence to rubric.

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Support Center

Our online support ticketing system allows you to quickly and easily submit requests. You can monitor the dashboard for ticket status.

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SFS provides multi-rubric support, including those for certified and non-certified staff. LEARN MORE

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Customized reporting is available, and reports can be exported for compliance with state requirements.

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Daily Email

You can set up SFS to send you customized email alerts re: status of outstanding tasks.

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Walk-throughs are simplified because of the immediate access to the open items task list and staff directory.

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A filterable staff list provides immediate visual feedback on status of all observations across entire staff list.

Want to see how Standard For Success can improve your teacher evaluation process? Complete the form below for a free 30-minute demo of this online evaluation and management tool.

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